Ruth Marimo was born and raised in the Southern African country of Zimbabwe. In 1999, at the age of nineteen, she moved to the United States. She is now a thirty-four year old, single, lesbian, African mother of two beautiful children, whose lives were flipped upside down when the man she was married to tried to have her deported. It was while she sat in jail, thinking, wondering, praying and awaiting deportation, that she decided to write her life-story. OUTsider: Crossing Borders. Breaking Rules. Gaining Pride was released April 11, 2014 by Scout Publishing LLC.
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Why #Puritymoms Should Not Dictate The Sex Ed Curriculum For Our Children!

The OPS school district in Omaha Nebraska held a public meeting to address changes to the ‘Sex Ed’ curriculum last week. Over 1500 people showed up for the meeting which had to be cut short because of disrespectful language and shouting from parents, most notorious was a woman now dubbed the #puritymom who yelled her […]


Waiting For #BlackLivesToMatter To Black People!

As I start to type this blog, just a twenty minute drive North from where I sit is the most dangerous place to be black in America. Omaha Nebraska has a black homicide rate of 34.4 per 100,000 people, double the national average of black victimization according to ‘The Violence Policy Center’ (VPC), a research […]

An Open Letter To My First Generation American Daughter.

On the eve of your tenth birthday I have so much I wish to say to you. I remember looking into your adorable face on the day you were born, here I was just a naïve twenty four year old who was unsure of everything, but as I held you I could feel certain broken […]