Reviews of the book


I cried…TWICE…in public!

“I mostly read this while I did cardio. It’s so powerful and touching that I broke my personal rule against crying in public, TWICE. Ruth has risen above HELL by the grace of God and through her amazing spirit. I encourage everyone who needs to find inner strength to read this.” – Theresa



Can’t put it down

“This is an awesome story of a wonderful woman who, had it not been for her belief in God, probably would not have survived all that she went through. This is one of those books that you start and can’t put down!” – Jim



A Powerful Tale

“A powerful tale of loss, change and perseverance! The author makes it very easy for you to get engaged in the story from the very first page.” – Beth



 A Great Memoir About Rising Above Struggles!

“Of all immigrants, people from Africa probably face the greatest challenges upon arriving in middle America. The streets are not lined with gold and the people are not open to anyone or anything that is “different.” Ruth Marimo exemplifies “different” in the eyes of mid-westerners, but she boldly perseveres, rising above a plethora of struggles. Her tale is not unique, but her ability to survive is. Unfortunately, most people of middle America would be shocked to learn what she has endured.” – EBugs