Meet Ruth Marimo

Ruth Marimo was born and raised in the Southern African country of Zimbabwe. In 1999, at the age of 19, she moved to the United States in search for a place to belong. Today, she is a motivational speaker and author of, OUTsider: Crossing Borders. Breaking Rules. Gaining Pride. was released April 11, 2014 by Scout Publishing LLC.

OUTsider was inspired by Ruth’s decision to face herself and her truths while awaiting deportation in January of 2009. Prior to being placed in jail, she had been in a horrifically abusive marriage for six years. When she found the strength to tell her husband that she wanted out of the marriage, he reported her to immigration with the hopes of having her deported and him taking custody of their two small children.

Her memoir confronts every truth about who she is:

  • Survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence,
  • Orphan after losing her mother to suicide at the age of five,
  • Outsider even among extended family where she was supposed to belong,
  • Illegal immigrant in a country she has called home for the past fifteen years,
  • And finally an out and proud lesbian mother.

Today, Ruth takes pride in being a motivational speaker, walking in her own light and truth in the world. She also takes pride in raising her two children and teaching them the lessons of being a contributing member to society, who can stand in their own truth, and live their lives full of purpose and passion. A lesson she was unaware of the first thirty years of her life.