Ruth speaks from the heart and explores what many may see as controversial or taboo topics in society via her personal experiences.  

Immigration reform is a topic of heated debate in the United States and one that Ruth explores through asking the questions:

  • How many times have we seen the face of an illegal immigrant?
  • How many times have we read an illegal immigrant’s their story or even heard it?
  • How can people be more informed and rules be passed if we never hear the other side of the story?
  • Are immigrants made up of one racial group or economic class, do we all come from the same place?,
  • Do all illegal immigrants cross the boarder on foot?
  • What about marriage equality?
  • Is it a civil right that LGBTQ people are rising up and demanding equality now, why does it matter, does homosexuality only exist in Western societies like some African governments imprisoning their gay citizens seem to claim?
  • Does one really choose their sexuality?
  • How about the process of coming to terms with ones sexuality, how many people are courageous enough to live out their truth even at the expense of being disowned by family and friends?
  • How does an illegal immigrant facing deportation fight and win custody of her children from the very citizen who tried to have her deported. Racism does it still exist in America, how about the world?
  • How about domestic abuse and the cycle of it, how can one escape it? what does an abusive relationship look like.
  • To be orphaned, black, African female and foreign, what does that really mean?

What does it really take to overcome all the stigmas associated with each one of these things?

Ruth’s life-story touches on all of these subjects, it forces you to rethink everything about humanity and how we treat each other. It inspires all of us to want better for everyone, to do more and be more, to reach out to someone else and help them up. To yearn to want to see all humanity on a level playing field, with equal chance and equal opportunity.

If you would like more information or would like to book Ruth as a speaker at your next event, feel free to contact her. She will answer any questions you may have and she would love to hear from you.

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